My first official birthday celebration for Tsumugi!

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Happy Birthday Tsumugi! 🕊🍀💙⚡️ I will always be glad I found you. I met you at a difficult time in my life and thinking about you helped me focus on better things and work hard to improve my friendships. You’ve undoubtedly made a lot of mistakes, but you’re self aware and have learned from them. The fact that you’re persistent and want to be better is really admirable. I just hope that one day, you’ll be able to forgive yourself (and others) and let go of the past. I think you’re a beautiful person, and you make me very happy. I want you to feel all the happiness and love in the world! I wish you could know how many people love you as much as I do. You deserve it. I love you so much Tsumugi, thank you for being you! #青葉つむぎ生誕祭2018 #青葉つむぎ誕生祭2018 #青葉つむぎ #あんスタ

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